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Regional Transfer Station
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Driving Directions

Map showing directions to the Port Angeles Regional Transfer StationThe Regional Transfer Station is located near the airport at 3501 West 18th Street in Port Angeles. It is operated by Waste Connections, Inc., under contract with the City of Port angeles.



Garbage Disposal / Transfer Station

North side of the new Transfer StationLocated after the scales, this building accepts regular garbage.
Hours: 9am - 5pm / Monday - Saturday
Closed: Legal Holidays

For main driving routes to the transfer station, please click the map to the right to view in larger image size.

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The Regional Transfer Station contains separate facilities for different types of waste.

Customers unload inside the 17,000 square foot building and the waste is compacted for shipment to Roosevelt Landfill in Eastern Washington.

Rates as of February 2014:
Minimum Charge $10.00 up to 120 pounds
Municipal Solid Waste: $170.11 per ton
Metal for Recycling and Appliances: $72.29 per ton
•  Must be in separate loads to qualify for the lower rate.
•  There is an additional environmental fee of $23.80 per refrigerator or freezer

Tires: $170.11 per ton (No commercial loads accepted)
Asbestos: $447.24 per ton
Contaminated Soils: $237.76 per ton
Stumps, sod, rocks, dirt and soil: $170.11 per ton

Disposal of Demolition Debris

If you are  contractor or are hiring a contractor to dispose of demolition debris at the Regional Transfer Station, a Waste Disposal Application is required. Call 360-417-4872 for more details.


Recycling Center

Located before the scales at the Regional Transfer Station. This center accepts certain kinds of household recyclables.
Hours: 9am-5pm Monday - Saturday

No Charge.

Box 1.

Plastic bottles, jars, jugs, rigid plastic tubs, dairy tubs, plant pots and tin/steel cans.

Box 2.

Newspaper, office paper, magazines, catologs, junk mail, phone books.

Box 3 & 4.


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Hazardous Materials Information

The Moderate Risk Waste Facility is located at 3501 West 18 th Street in Port Angeles.  Hours are 11am-4pm Wednesday and Saturday.

Located after the scales, this facility accepts typical household hazardous waste. It is processed, stored , and later transferred for safe disposal or recycling.

Accepted at no charge:

  • Oil base paints
  • Household cleaners
  • Solvents
  • Lawn and garden supplies
  • Pesticides and poisons

Attendants will remove items from your car.  Quick and easy! Not accepted: Business waste.  Call City Recycling at 360-417-4874 for a list of private companies that service Clallam County.

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Materials Not Accepted at the Moderate Risk Waste Facility

Latex Paints
Latex paints are not hazardous waste and can be solidified and disposed as regular garbage. Use cat litter or a special paint solidifying products available at some hardware stores. Consider giving extra paint away - use the website or local newspapers and radio to advertise.

Alkaline household batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D, etc) are not hazardous and can be disposed of in your regular trash.

Rechargeable Batteries
For locations that recycle rechargeable batteries (commonly found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital cameras and remote control toys) go to:

Reuse Area
Products in good condition, such as stain, fertilizer, oil-based paints, household cleaners or plant food are separated for re-use. Residents can visit the reuse area and take home products (during facility open hours only).

Fluorescent Tubes
Moderate Risk Waste FacilityFluorescent tubes are recycled Ecycle NW at 272693 Highway 101 in Blynn (1.25 miles east of Seven Cedars Casino) phone 360-681-8645 or at ASM Signs at 1327 E. First Street in Port Angeles. A fee is charged for this service. Their phone number is 360-452-7785.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs)
CFLs can be recycle at the Home Depot in Sequim at no charge.

Disposing of Syringes
If you use syringes to control diabetes, allergies, or any other medical symptom, your loose syringes should be disposed of properly. Please visit the Clallam County Health Department's website at:
for complete information.

Computers and Televisions
Residents, government offices, and schools can take computers to three locations in Clallam County for free recycling:  Goodwill in Port Angeles (360-452-2440), Goodwill in Sequim (360-681-2635) and EcycleNW in Blyn (360-681-8645).  For large quantities be sure to call ahead. For more information about the state-wide recycling program, go to

. Pharmaceutical Waste
Old medicines (except pain killers and other controlled substances) may be taken to Jim's Pharmacy in Port Angeles.  Controlled substances can be taken to the Sheriff's Office in Port Angeles or the City of Sequim Police Office.



Oil, Anti-Freeze, and Metals Recycling Drop-Off Area
Located after the scales and adjacent to the Moderate Risk Waste Facility.
Hours: 9am - 5pm / Monday - Saturday

No charge for motor oil, auto batteries, and anti-freeze.

Metal for Recycling and Appliances: $72.29 per ton
•  Must be in separate loads to qualify for the lower rate.
•  There is an additional environmental fee of $20.00 per refrigerator or freezer.

NOTE: All refrigerators and freezers must be emptied of food. All units will be pre-inspected at the scales.

Don't Take It To The Transfer Station! Try the "2 Good 2 Toss" Program! logo
Technically known as an online materials exchange, 2Good2Toss is a convenient way to exchange small or large quantities of used or surplus building materials and large household items for $99.00 or less.

You can post listings of items and materials you wish to get rid of or browse for those currently available in your area. Each listing contains a description of the materials along with a name and telephone number and any cost or delivery information.

Please visit website for complete rules of use and other information.

Please contact the System Admininstrator for this project:

Helen Freilich

The Clallam County Solid Waste Advisory Committee develops programs and policies concerning solid waste handling and disposal. The committee is made up of citizens, public interest groups, businesses, waste management industry, and local elected officials.

They meet the third Thursday of every other month at the Clallam County Courthouse in Port Angeles. For more information about SWAC, call Clallam County Public Works at 360-417-2389. Or visit:

$100 Rebate for Old Refrigerators and Freezers

Take your old, still operating 10 cubic feet or larger refrigerator or freezer to the Regional Transfer Station.

  • Must be Clean inside
  • Get a receipt as proof of recycleing
  • Fill out rebate and turn it in along with the reciept to City Hall.

You must pay the recycling fee is $30 for the appliance so after the rebate you net $70! What a deal!

Rebates are only available only for City of Port Angeles Electic Utility customers and limit 1 rebate per household. Rebate application is Available here.

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