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As a full service City, we provide the community with electricity, conservation programs, garbage collection, recycling, wastewater (sewer), storm water services, and water at very competitive rates and in compliance with all State and Federal standards.

Utility bills are sent out every month to approximately 10,600 households and businesses. The billing cycles vary, so the date your payment is due could be different from your neighbors'. On the first bill, there is a $25.00 service charge for electric and water connection. This is a one-time connect charge.

Currently, the city's meter readers use hand-held microcomputers to record your meter readings. These devices directly feed the information into the City's central computer, eliminating an extra step in preparing your bill and making meter reading faster and more accurate.

They also store information about a meter location- how to access the meter, if there are pets on the property to be aware of, and if there is a day sleeper at the home.

We are installing a new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system because the City's old electric and water meters are wearing out. More than two-thirds of existing meters within the City are well past their expected service life, and too many of them no longer measure accurately. As a result, it is not possible for the city to fully comply with state and federal mandates, such as water metering accuracy. It is also a fairness issue: with inaccurate metering, some customers may not be paying for all the power and water they use. We are excited about the benefits that the AMI system will bring to our community in terms of providing customers additional tools to control their energy use and for the City to better manage costs. If you want more information about smart meters, please go click here.

Make sure to check out our Programs Page to see all the special programs we have for the citizens of Port Angeles. From Senior Discounts, Low income & Disabled Discounts, to "Pass the Buck".

Below are some important documents:

**NEW** Residential Utility Rates for 2014
Residential Utility Rates for 2013
**NEW** Commerical Utility Rates 2014
Commerical Utility Rates 2013

2014 Utility Rates Ordinance
Utility Rate Ordinance Presentation 11/05/2013
Utility Cost of Service Studies Presentation 10/15/2013 - Proposed Rates for 2014
Complete City On-Line Privacy and Security Policy
Clallam County Medicine Return Program
cLICK Natural Yard Care Guide

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NSF Check Charges
A $40.00 charge on all checks returned from your bank.


The City of Port Angeles has two different types of refunds on utility accounts:

1. Refund due to services being terminated on final utility accounts.
These refunds are system generated and a check will be produced within 15 working days.

2. Refund due to an overpayment on an active utility account.
Refunds on overpayments are not made automatically. Generally, if an overpayment occurs it will be applied to the next bill. At the customer’s request, a refund check will be processed within 15 working days or a credit will be applied to the customer’s credit card.

In case of dispute, the key to speeding up the refund is having proof of payment. Proof of payment may be required by furnishing one of the following:

  • Copy of front and back of cancelled check(s)
  • Copy of register receipt from cashier.

If another party paid the utilities (such as a builder, a prior or subsequent owner, title company, leaseholder, mortgage company or someone who owns part of the same property), you may be asked for proof of identification in order to receive a refund.The customer may mail or bring completed documents to the City office and include your Social Security Number.

If case of questions any of the steps listed above, please contact customer service at 360-457-0411 and press “1".




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